​I was in the bed we used to share for a while most evenings during the last 8 months of his life. Brian used to come see me after his recovery meeting let out. He was a few months younger than I. We were both 45 when we met. A friend set up our meeting at a coffee house, where I used to sing sometimes, because we were both vegetarians,  and, although not divorced, both our marriages were over, and both of us were looking for a partner.

Brian had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly a week or so previous. I was an emotional basket case, talking to the departed like he was still with me, and also hearing his responses. One afternoon I asked him to manifest to me. A little while later my mother came over bringing pictures she had taken during the Christmas family gathering a few weeks earlier. Brian’s images were among them. After we were alone he said, “See, I manifested to you didn’t I?” Well I really had wanted more than a few pictures or a few words whispered on the inside of my mind. But it was nice. Then he said, “I want you to manifest to me!” I didn’t know how I was going to do that any more than I already had.

Then the next morning, I was in bed thinking about getting up.  I lay in a kind of twilight, awake but not completely. Brian came to me and I felt him pull me out of my body. Then I was standing with him on the bank of a swiftly-moving stream. “Jump in!” he said. I hesitated and he pushed me.

The water vibrated against my skin like nothing in this world. A moment later I was back in my body in bed still tingling all over from the living water in that heavenly stream!

21 years have gone by. I have had other mystical experiences both before and after. Eventually I got over the need to be reunited with Brian. My thoughts and dreams became occupied with other subjects. The memory of my dip in that other-worldly stream is one of the many assurances I have that life continues after death. 

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