There was an email from WordPress, lesson one of my blogging course, asking, Who am I and what am I doing here? I’m here because I’m bashful. I don’t like striking up conversations with strangers. Fortunately my husband was the one who went out, flagged down the man driving by, and asked if he would give us a jump. I don’t know if I would have been able to do that. The man said he would be back. I thought, How picturesque, a truck on a lonely dirt road with its hood open and jumper cables hanging out. No sooner had I snapped the picture than the man was back to give us a jump.

Somehow I feel more safe getting my social contact needs met by blogging than by trying to do it face to face. I know there is no logic in that. It’s just the way I am. Now I am at Sprouts waiting for my lover to finish eating so we can go to the beach. It is foggy outside, but it is only 9 am. First week of September, the kids are back in school. Probably the beach won’t be so full of people that you can hardly find a few square feet of space to take a dip, like it was the last few times we went.

We met online. He wrote a message on my single’s page messenger (this was prior to Facebook) that consisted of his phone number only. Then I went to look at his profile again on David Wolf’s Nature’s First Law single’s page. I thought Mike was too young and too tall, although I found his geographical proximity very intriguing. He was in the town that borders my town to the Southeast. I had recently returned to my (mostly) grown children after a 10-month relationship with a Veggie-Date in Florida. That one didn’t work because he was addicted to antidepressants and was not able to get off even with my help, and my life felt like a merry-go-round going nowhere.

Anyway Mikey, as I came to call him, had used an old picture on his Nature’s First Law profile. So even though his profile said he was 52, he just looked too young. He was pictured standing next to another man. I wasn’t sure which one was Mike. Was he the tall, well-built good-looking, young one, or the more portly, almost-as-young one? David’s singles page was for raw vegans, and raw vegans tend to age well. But I hadn’t aged THAT well myself, and besides I am 5 years older than him.

When we finally met in person nearly a month later I thought, God, he’s gorgeous, I don’t stand a chance! But he kept hugging me as I introduced him to one of my favorite hiking and wilderness spots in my home town of Fallbrook, California. …

We finished eating our fruit and nut breakfast a long time ago and are now shopping for a battery. I have a very unusual diet, and his diet is almost identical to mine. That sure comes in handy when you almost always eat together!

My life partner was reluctant to pay top dollar for the battery. We finally found one at Walmart for a third the price the auto parts places were charging. Feel a little guilty buying from the exploiters of the wage-slaves that make the Walmart products, but we are very short on money and have some big expenses coming up. We have an afternoon and an evening engagement. No time for the beach after all. There’s always tomorrow!

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