The medical-pharmaceutical industry has a tendency to steer patients to treatments and/or drugs that generate profits for the industry and those in it, while other treatments, that may be just as effective or more, less invasive, and less expensive, are not discussed. This is in part due to the education health care providers receive that tends to emphasize patentable treatments and drugs to the exclusion of medications, treatments or diets that have stood the test of time, but the patents have either expired, or they were not patentable in the first place. Care is taken, when discussing diet, not to buck the status-quo of industrialized foods by recommending a return to a pre-industrial diet. Great strides have been made in the successful rehabilitation of acute trauma, however the death toll from degenerative diseases has become epidemic. Cancer accounts for nearly one death in four, with diabetes being implicated in nearly one death in two.

Sometimes the medical treatment is worse than the disease, with cancer patients seeming to succumb to surgery, radiation or chemotherapy more quickly than they perhaps would have from the cancer itself. Yet with all the research dollars being spent, the medical establishment still does not have a clear understanding of the cause of cancer.

When a cancerous tumor, a fibrous or discolored lump in a person’s body that may have been judged by a medical doctor to be malignant, manages to send out some kind of a seed that starts another cancerous tumor growing in another area of the same person’s body, the cancer is said to have metastasized, a dangerous condition that can hasten death as the cancer continues to metastasize, colonizing more and more of the person’s body.

Recently a spokesman for the National Institute of Health wrote: “Approximately 90% of all cancer deaths can be attributed to the metastatic spread of primary tumors…. Although our knowledge of cancer has increased in recent years, the molecular mechanisms of tumor invasion and metastasis still remain elusive.”

Those who have put forth possible theories about the origin and development of the disease have been discredited by an establishment addicted to the profitability of its entrenched treatment program, even though the death rate is rather somber. There are survivors, and that tends to justify the cutting, burning and poisoning, as a few jackpot winners seem to justify gambling.


Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D.,N.D.

I first encountered the writings of Hulda Clark in 1997, shortly after losing a dear friend to cancer. My friend, undergoing chemotherapy, seemed to fade extremely fast. I couldn’t help but wonder how quickly she would have gone without the chemo. Would she have gone more quickly, or would she have had more time? Would her quality of life in the last months have been better without the side effects of the chemo? I had asked the same questions before when losing a boss to cancer 20 years earlier. He also had faded very quickly once the chemo had begun.

I found, A Cure For All Diseases, and, A Cure For All Cancers, in the Herb Store. I bought one of them, I think it was, A Cure For All Cancers. In both books, Hulda Clark makes the startling assertion that all cancers, and indeed all diseases, are caused by parasites! You don’t hear much about parasites from medical science, at least not back then. I was startled and horrified! What if it is true? What if I have tiny worms chewing and biting me all over inside? My doctor would tell me wouldn’t she? She would give me something to get rid of them and I would be ok again, right?

Hulda Clark was branded a quack by the medical establishment and persecuted. She died in 2009 of blood cancer at the age of 80, shortly after being awakened in the middle of the night to be arrested for her efforts in promoting health.

The arms of the medical establishment denounce the work of Hulda Clark and other innovators of alternative medicine in paternalistic platitudes: “It is preposterous,” “There is just no evidence for it,” “Fasciolopsis Buski,” (The parasite Hulda Clark blames for cancer) “only exists in Asia. There are none here!” Indeed, in this age of world travel they are sure that the parasite stays in Asia?

It seems to me that the idea of parasites causing cancer, with their reproductive activity being implicated in the phenomenon of metastation, is a better hypothesis then, “We don’t clearly understand metastation, all we can do is cut, burn, poison and hope for the best,” which is the position of establishment medicine.

In 1999, I tried Hulda Clark’s recipe of herbs and a 9-volt battery powered device called a Zapper, which I built from the schematic in her book. The first thing I noticed was bouts of vertigo, that I had been suffering, went away. I had come to on the closet floor where I had passed out moments earlier, prior to treating myself, and this was not an isolated incident. I had been experiencing the vertigo more and more. But it vanished completely after undergoing Dr. Clark’s parasite program.

Medical uniformed personnel are good at scaring patients into submitting to their protocols. However, their paternalistic assertions that one will benefit from the latest advances of Medical Science fall a little flat without the actual science. Their doctors die of cancer too, and many of them younger than 80. They charge for their services too, billing individuals, insurance companies and even governments. Their therapies kill people, but where are the statistics? I personally know several people who died while, or soon after, undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, and only one who survived it, and she was the only one, in a group of 30 cancer patients taking treatment together, to survive! Statistics are skewed, by changing the diagnostic categories before and after treatment, to make it appear that there is a greater cure rate, or a smaller death rate, then there is. They command us to ignore the alternatives because,  “There is no evidence.” Where is the evidence that their way works?

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