​Everyone wants peace and prosperity. What we disagree on, sometimes, is how best to attain it.  By alienating each other, we are driving peace and universal prosperity father away. Does your vision of the future include everybody, or are you attracted to some kind of an elitist view that seeks to oppress certain strata of society while elevating the segment you hope to be in?

2 thoughts on “Peace and Prosperity

  1. I agree we should not exclude others from the vision of peace and prosperity, but I also feel most people find it difficult to suppress ideas if superiority, no matter how subtle they are. For example, do some who follow the teachings of Baha’u’llah believe they have the sole antidote to salvation?

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    1. Bahai’s are some of the most inclusive people I know, however the truth that mankind is one is one of the universal truths that people of any path may believe.


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