This morning’s Essene meditation is the angel of life. As I contemplated the angel of life, I remembered that early this morning I had taken a life. I had set the trap yesterday evening, and heard the mouse rustling around until very early this morning, when the rustling seemed to stop. I never did hear the snap of the trap, but it may have been muffled somehow, or perhaps I was actually asleep for a while It took me some time to find the trap and the little carcass. I recognized the face as one I had seen poking into my space some weeks ago to my yells of protest.

We coexisted for a time; it must have understood that it would not be tolerated unless it was extremely inobtrusive. However, my husband was disturbed and set a trap a couple nights ago and caught another mouse, a smaller one. I was sitting in my chair yesterday afternoon and heard rodent noises in the wall, so I explored around the outside of our dome and found the hole the mice were using. I plastered it up with concrete mortar and rocks. Since the mouse could no longer get out of the wall to the outside, it would probably try to get inside, so I set the trap with a little bit of the rind of the squash we had for our lunch-slash-dinner. The poor creature must have been upset about not being able to get outside,, and it was extremely noisy last night. When things got quiet this morning I thought it had gone to sleep until I didn’t see the trap and had to look around for it.

I felt my lungs being pressured, and in a panic realizing that I couldn’t breathe, I knew that I was vicariously experiencing what the mouse experienced caught in my trap. When I die and spend my time in Kamaloka relieving my life backwards, I will experience the pain the mouse went through in the trap I set. I will experience a few minutes of agony, yes, but it will be worth it to keep my clothes and furniture from being shredded up by a rodent, not to mention the disgusting droppings they leave everywhere, and the way the place will smell if it gets infested by more of them.

I know some people use the live traps and I’ve used them before too. But I would never take the rodent far away and drop it off in someone else’s area. I just left the rodent in the trap until it expired, and that only took about 24 hours of no food and water, and it was dead. I read somewhere that dying of thirst is one of the least painful kinds of death there is, that as the body begins to dehydrate the endorphins kick in and ease the person (or being) into the next realm. Any kind of a violent death such as the one I inflicted this morning with the spring-loaded mousetrap is more painful than just being allowed to have your space and meditate until dehydration takes its toll.

I don’t use poison because I like to allow another life to enjoy the rodent corpse, in this case probably a hawk, or maybe a coyote. I love coyotes and wolves and feel very sorry for domesticated dogs and other domesticated animals. I try not to be confrontational with pet owners because I probably do not have the right to deprive them of their choice of what they want to do with an animal, but I would not make the choice to own another creature.

I bought a pair of gloves that have a lot of leather in them not too long ago, the first leather I had purchased in quite a while. All my shoes are made of man-made materials. I apologize to the cow who gave her hide for my gives, but I was constantly blazing trails and tearing my hands on the thornbushes. I don’t eat meat or dairy or even fish. A can of sardines that I bought a couple years ago is still in the food pantry, on the floor as it happens. It’s too old to eat now, but the point is, I looked at it all this time and never got around to eating it.

Plants are alive also, and I do eat plants, lots of them. I love the taste of plants. I love to combine the life-force of plants with my life-force. I feel nourished, energized and satisfied by making plants part of me.



I enter the Eternal and Infinite Garden with reverence to the Heavenly Father, the Earthly Mother and Great Masters, reverence to the holy, pure and saving Teaching, reverence to the Brotherhood of the Elect.

Friday Evening – The Heavenly Father

The Heavenly Father and I are One.

Saturday Morning – The Earthly Mother

The Earthly Mother and I are one. She gives the food of Life to my whole body.

Saturday noon – Peace with the Heavenly Father

Our Father who art in heaven, send to all Your Angel of Peace; to Your Kingdom, our Heavenly Father, Your Angel of Eternal Life.

The Saturday evening – The Angel of Eternal Life
Angel of Eternal Life, descend upon me and give Eternal Life to my spirit.

Sunday Morning – The Angel of Earth

Angel of Earth, enter my generative organs and regenerate my whole body.

Sunday noon – Peace with the Earthly Mother

Our Father who art in heaven, send to all Your Angel of Peace; to the kingdom of our Earthly Mother, the Angel of joy.

Sunday Evening – The Angel of Creative Work

Angel of Creative Work, descend upon humanity and give abundance to all men.

Monday Morning – The Angel of Life

Angel of Life, enter my limbs and give strength to my whole body.

Monday noon – Peace with Culture

Our Father who art in hcaven, send to all Your Angel of Peace; to our knowledge, the Angel of Wisdom.

Monday Evening – The Angel of Peace

Peace, peace, peace, Angel of Peace, Be always everywhere.

Tuesday Morning – The Angel of Joy

Angel of joy, descend upon earth and give beauty to all beings.

Tuesday noon – Peace with Humanity

Our Father who art in heaven, send to all Your Angel of Peace; to humanity the Angel of Work.

Tuesday Evening – The Angel of Power

Angel of Power, descend upon my Acting Body and direct all my acts.

Wednesday morning – The Angel of the Sun

Angel of Sun, enter my Solar Center and give the fire of life to my whole body.

Wednesday noon – Peace with the Family

Our Father who are in heaven, send to all Your Angel of Peace; to our family and friends the Angel of Love.

Wednesday Evening – The Angel of Love

Angel of Love, descend upon my Feeling Body and purify all my feelings.

Thursday Morning – The Angel of Water

Angel of Water, enter my blood and give the water of Life to my whole body.

Thursday noon – Peace with the Mind

Our Father who art in heaven, send to all your Angel of Peace; to our mind the Angel of Power.

Thursday Evening – The Angel of Wisdom

Angel of Wisdom, descend upon my Thinking Body and enlighten all my thoughts.

Friday Morning – Angel of the Air

Angel of Air, enter my lungs and give the air of Life to my whole body.

Friday noon – Peace with the Body

Angel of Wisdom, descend upon my Thinking Body and enlighten all my thoughts.

May He bless thee with every good, may He keep thee from all evil and illumine thy heart with the knowledge of life and favor thee with eternal wisdom.
And may He give His Sevenfold blessings upon thee, to everlasting Peace.

From Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls

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