My Nightly Routine

Hips are still sore. I use a small round rock in a sock to lie on, moving on it from time to time throughout the night, one sore muscle at a time.

I also like the back knobber:

Then I use a zapper when one of the chronic sores I have starts itching. The zapper does not seem to get rid of them completely, but it helps with the itching.

Both of the copper electrodes have to be touching skin at the same time. I think it works faster to control the itch if the itch is touching one of the electrodes. It’s a little awkward when the sore on my nose stats itching, but my nose bends a little to accommodate it, and relief comes fast.

I enjoy reading Facebook and WordPress until I get sleepy, and then again when I wake up early. My husband and I are both lying here with our phones, charging them both on a 20000 mAh battery charger which I had charged on the solar system yesterday, even though it was cloudy and rainy.

It is still dark prior to dawn this morning, so I used my flashlight to illuminate the photo subjects.

It’s morning now, I can show you some more of my things:

Squat Toilet

Two-burner stove,

I just added the second burner (the rock one) yesterday.

View of the dome from the trail to the driveway (where our largest solar array–the one that works even when it’s cloudy–is). It’s a ways, you can’t get to our dome home except by walking.

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