Sex Addict

I am a sex addict and codependent. I have low self esteem, an obsessive need to please, fear of abandonment and a compulsive craving for sex and relationship.

Just as a recovering alcoholic must avoid alcohol, I, as a recovering sex addict, must avoid erotica that is not based in a healthy relationship. For too many years of my life I have tolerated the intolerable in order to remain in a sexual relationship. That is no longer the case with me.

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5 thoughts on “Sex Addict

  1. Does that mean you will abstain from my blog?


    1. Dear Jillian, I love your writing. Your descriptions transport me. You are a master story teller. However I found myself being taken somewhere I didn’t want to go in one of your stories, just one. That happens sometimes. I have a low tolerance for horror but some people love it. I don’t like kinky sex, but what may strike me as kinky may seem desirable to someone else. I’m just one person, and have my likes and dislikes. I can’t judge you from one post I didn’t like. Most of your posts were tastefully done and I felt good energy for the most part


      1. Thank you for the kind compliments. Which story had that effect for you, Jersema? I’m interested to know.


  2. Beautifully written 👌🏽

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  3. You are so strong and beautiful and sublime. How many of us have the nerve to face our shortcomings and fears, leave alone, sharing them with others. My highest regards to you.

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