I am a sex addict and codependent. I have low self esteem, an obsessive need to please, fear of abandonment and a compulsive craving for sex and relationship.

Just as a recovering alcoholic must avoid alcohol, I, as a recovering sex addict, must avoid erotica that is not based in a healthy relationship. For too many years of my life I have tolerated the intolerable in order to remain in a sexual relationship. That is no longer the case with me.

5 thoughts on “Sex Addict

    1. Dear Jillian, I love your writing. Your descriptions transport me. You are a master story teller. However I found myself being taken somewhere I didn’t want to go in one of your stories, just one. That happens sometimes. I have a low tolerance for horror but some people love it. I don’t like kinky sex, but what may strike me as kinky may seem desirable to someone else. I’m just one person, and have my likes and dislikes. I can’t judge you from one post I didn’t like. Most of your posts were tastefully done and I felt good energy for the most part


      1. Thank you for the kind compliments. Which story had that effect for you, Jersema? I’m interested to know.


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