A while back I started a series on the chakras. Courage was about the first chakra, Dignity about the second chakra, Contentment about the third chakra, Power about the fourth chakra, and then Knowledge about the fifth chakra. After a time, I now to feel ready to write about the sixth chakra with this piece.

The 2nd chakra awareness is of self and other but the focus is still primarily on the self. Chakras one through five are tuned by focusing mostly on the energies to and from ourselves. To tune chakra six we forget about ourselves and start tuning the chakras on other people.

You notice a lot of people are stuck at a chakra one awareness. These people might be termed narcissists. Then others seem to have good marriages and family lives, although, other than that, they don’t seem to be particularly intuitive or aware. They have come to a chakra two awareness.

I would say, Donald Trump is at chakra one, and George W Bush seems to be at chakra two. Bill and Hillary put on a good act, but everyone knows that they have serious issues at chakra two. In each case, one might contemplate a person and attempt to raise his or her vibrations just a little higher than they are. We should probably also work with family members and people we know personally, but I’ll use Donald Trump as an example here since I just had a dream about him.

If you are a Reiki practitioner you have studied how to focus energy to help heal another person. Tuning the chakras of other people can be a healing thing for them, but mostly we heals ourselves as we change our focus from pain and resentment, to looking at them as energetic beings with a stuck energy pattern that can be cleared up.

I dreamt that I was sitting at a table that included other people. I was sitting next to the wife of Donald Trump, and she wasn’t the wife he has now. She was closer to him in age and more similar to Him in body mass. I’m guessing she may have been one of his former wives with whom he has more of an eternal bond. I saw and heard her and him speak to each other like people who have a deep love for each other.

Upon awakening, I thought that maybe I was wrong about Donald Trump being stuck at a chakra one awareness. Then I realized this was a dream, this was the dream fulfillment of my attempt to raise his vibrations.

The world is ready for an energetic shift. Instead of the awful mess we have in the government now, we need diplomacy, sensitivity, compassion, justice, social progress! How we going to get there from here? By dreaming and praying? By crying, like I’m doing right now, blurring the words and the keyboard? I don’t know.

There is a Baha’i prophecy that a terrible calamity has to happen before a great world peace will develop. The government is a calamity right now, social progress going rapidly backwards, wars being escalated. It’s horrible! Can we do anything, or has all the power been torn out of our hands? If cry, pray and dream is all we can do, than at least we need to do that!

I feel the energy around my head like the shade of a sun hat. As you build up yours and I build up mine, we join together with all the mindful souls in the world, building the real reality, precipitating truth out of thin air. Wealth, guns, bombs and bars cannot stop us. We will prevail!

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