Fetus X
Techniques developed during the 1950s and 1960s enabled a small number of cells to be grown exponentially in laboratory bottles. The fetus from whom a line of cells, known as WI-38, were derived would have turned 55 this year, had she been born. Her cells are still growing in biology labs, still producing vaccines for nearly every virus that afflicts man or beast. A pair of tiny lungs from a 14 week old female fetus, aborted in Sweden in 1962, was shipped on ice to Pennsylvania to become one of the most used cell lines in medical industry and research.

Lack of Disclosure to Fetal Donors

Abortion patients are rarely informed that their fetuses will be used in vaccine technology, or in other medical research and technologies that use fetuses. The mother of Fetus X received follow up from a biology scientist to determine that she was healthy. In the process she learned something of the use of her fetus’s cells. She stated later to an interviewer that she was never asked nor has she given permission for what has been done. [The Vaccine Race, by Meredith Wadman]

Rapid Growth of the Vaccine Industry

Since the mother of the WI-38 cells had her abortion, vaccine technology has mushroomed. In the 1950s and early 1960s we had the smallpox inoculation and the polio shot. That was it. These were grown in monkey kidney cells. Nowadays children are subjected to 69 doses of vaccine for 9 different diseases between birth and 18 years of age, most of them grown in WI-38 cells, or other lines of fetal cells.

The number of doses per infant or child has been steadily amped up. Today’s children receive many times more than we did in the fifties. The combined, or synergistic, effect of all these doses has never been tested.

“The standard of care in the United States now involves a very aggressive vaccination schedule during the first six years of life. During the first year, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends babies receive 19 doses of vaccines for 9 different diseases.” [Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Harm, by John P. Thomas and Brian Shilhavy.] Children are to “typically be given 69 doses of vaccines by the time they are 18 years old.” [Thomas]

Rapid Increase in Autism and Other NDD

We are sicker, more ADHD, more autism, more diabetes, more cancer, more heart defects and heart disease, more rheumatoid arthritis and other auto immune diseases than ever before.

Did you know about autism in 1962? Are you aware that it is not an uncommon disability today? Autism is more serious than the measles. There are mild cases and severe cases. In a severe case a child who was developing normally, is affectionate, inquisitive, enjoys playing, has reached normal milestones for speech, movement, toilet training, gets multiple vaccines. The child breaks a high fever, the distraught parents bring him or her to the emergency room, and are told this is a normal response to vaccination. Eventually the fever passes and the child seems to get better. But something has changed. The child has lost language, no longer makes eye contact or even expresses any form of affection. The child grows to a teenager and still requires full time care, still wears diapers, has not progressed beyond a first grade level. One of the parents had to give up her career to take care of the child. How long does an autism victim live? As it is a relatively new epidemic no one knows for sure, but many severe cases have already died, other severe cases will require life-long care. [Vaccine Whistleblower Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC, by Kevin Barry, Esq.]

Large modern homes; fast cars; long highways; congested traffic; chemical trails from jet planes; close power lines; heavy machinery; electric and electronic devices; industrial waste; nuclear radiation; agricultural chemicals; genetically modified foods; minerally depleted, toxic and processed food; factory farmed meat and dairy; polluted water; household cleaning products; attached garage; indoor pets; plastic and rubber furniture; metal and plastic kitchen utensils; body products; medications; medical procedures; vaccines; dental procedures and restorations; sweetened juice and soda; behaviors of caretaking adults such as alcoholism, smoking, snorting, shooting up, multiple sex partners … Where to start in a search for the cause? A syndrome with multiple manifestations can also have multiple causes.

[Vaccine Manufacturing Contaminants You Have Not Been Told About and Autism, by Theresa Deisher, Ph.D.]

The graphs of Autism incidents suddenly turn upward, for people born during the 1980s, and still climb today, and this is a world-wide phenomenon. What changed during the 1980s?

[Vactruth Your Child Your Choice]

It is undeniable. More vaccines, more Autism Disorder. What else ramped up at the same time?

The Vaccine Machine

Flying in the face of readily available statistics that graphically show a direct correlation between the increase in vaccinations per child and the rise in autism, vaccine profiteers paternalistically state, without any science at all, that vaccines do not cause autism.

For years people have been asking the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) for a study showing a health comparison of vaccinated people versus unvaccinated people, comparing the rates of both infectious and degenerative diseases within the two groups. Why does the incidence of autism seem to rise in proportion to the rising volume of vaccine each child is expected to absorb during his or her childhood?

We are experiencing unbridled capitalism at its worst. People are being damaged in the name of profit and no one is advocating for them. Anyone who manages to put cause and effect together is discredited by the machine, or dies under mysterious circumstances.

Vaccine Safety

Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe and thus it’s makers have been granted immunity from adverse reaction lawsuits in the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. Back in the days when there were only a few vaccines and you didn’t have to give them to newborn babies, it wasn’t so bad. A little formaldehyde, a little aluminum hydroxide, even a little mercury, seemed better than contracting an infectious disease. You hoped the vaccine was as safe and effective as the promoters claimed, and you rolled up your sleeve. Now with so-o-o-o many vaccines being given and starting at such a young age, you might want to know, just what are the risks and what are the benefits? Can we trust the CDC to protect us from unnecessary risk? Is the risk of catching an infectious disease without the vaccine greater or less than the risk of being severely damaged with the vaccine? If you do take the vaccine, how much risk do you still have of catching the disease the vaccine is supposed to protect you from? How long does your immunity last? We’d like answers proven by science, wouldn’t we? Has the scientific method been used to prove the safety and efficacy of the CDC’s aggressive vaccine schedule, 69 doses of vaccine by the time a child is 18? If so where is the science?

Tobacco Science

In the 1950s and 1960s when the Surgeon General was warning about the dangers of cigarette smoke, tobacco companies would issue “studies” showing that smoking was okay. Biased research funded by the industry that profits from the product studied has come to be termed “tobacco science”. The government agencies charged with protecting consumers from the aggressive salesmanship of the pharmaceutical industry in the United States, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), the CDC, and the National Health Institute (NHI) have become increasingly enmeshed with the pharmaceutical industry in recent decades. Regulators go from government agency to become industry CEOs, and back again. The result is “tobacco science” where vaccines, other pharmaceuticals, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), climate change and other corporate interests are concerned.

Profits Over People

Being a predominant sponsor of just about every news outlet in the country, if not the world, the pharmaceutical industry is in a strong position to suppress news of adverse outcomes from its products. The safety and effectiveness of many, if not all, of its products is questionable. Relying on mainstream media, which is obviously subsidized by big pharma, can be misleading. How and when has the relationship between vaccines and autism been debunked? By statements made by pharmaceutical executives quoted in media that plays or displays their ads? Where are the facts to support those assertions? What then is the cause of the current autism epidemic? Are we going to keep our heads in the sand until there are no healthy young people left?

Vaccines (not to mention the diseases whose crecendos coincide with the rising rates of vaccination) are big income generators for the pharmaceutical giants. When you are dealing with profit-orientated corporations it is not a matter of conspiracy exactly, it is simply a priority of profits over people. Income is addictive. It is difficult to recognize that one’s salary is dependent on questionable practices, either individually or as a corporation (or even as a government entity).

Vaccine Ingredients

It is no secret that vaccines contain things you would never eat or feed to your child. They are laced with toxic heavy metals, contain multiple proteins, human and animal, and the likelihood of viruses, bacteria and parasites lurking in vaccine is far from nill.

Animal Abuse

The animals used in vaccine development experience horrible lives and deaths.

Human Experimentation

Vaccine development has a long history of experimentation on people: people in prison, children in orphanages, babies, children and adults in charity hospitals, even people serving their country in the military, and all too often without properly informed consent.

Lack of Disclosure to Vaccine Recipients

Vaccine customers are rarely informed about the methods used to develop the vaccine, the ingredients they are being injected with, nor the potential side effects. Skeptical people are basically bullied into taking vaccine.

What do you think of an industry that injects parts from murdered babies into other babies? Lung tissue is harvested from partial birth abortions and made into chicken pox vaccine. Aside from the emotional reaction, of disgust (horror even) that our babies and children who receive this vaccine are being forced into becoming unwitting cannibals, is the fact that, as the vaccine incubating process doesn’t really sterilize anything, other infectious agents can easily be transferred from human host to human host.

Vaccine Technology

Inoculation for smallpox was done with a needle, sharpened on the eye end. The needle was dipped in the vaccine then scratched into the skin, usually on the arm. Forty years ago nearly everyone had a scar on one upper arm from the smallpox vaccination. Smallpox, the red plague, was declared eradicated, and has not been a mandatory vaccination since the late 1970s. Many believe that widespread vaccination played a part in the extinction of the smallpox virus. Hygiene and sanitation were also being improved while smallpox was on the wane. Some countries quarantined victims, rather than vaccinating. Some countries vaccinated only those who had been exposed to a smallpox case rather than everyone. Yet the disease vanished everywhere. [Developing New Smallpox Vaccines, by Steven R. Rosenthal, Michael Merchlinsky, Cynthia Kleppinger, and Karen L. Goldenthal, Food and Drug Administration, Rockville, Maryland, USA] Disease epidemics come and go. A population develops herd immunity with or without vaccination. We know this because other diseases, such as the bubonic plague, died out without vaccination. New diseases are developing all the time, such as Zika and AIDS. Vaccinating everyone for every disease organism as soon as the vaccine becomes available may not be putting resources into the best way of preventing disease. A healthy immune system wards off disease. A healthy immune system makes its own antibodies, requiring no artificial inoculation.

Smallpox vaccine was the puss scraped from the sores on cattle infected with cow pox. Then a vaccinated arm was used to vaccinate the arm of someone else, until it was noticed that syphilis was also spread by that method. During the large world-wide smallpox vaccination campaign of the 1950s many animals were infected with cow pox to meet the large demand for vaccine. Smallpox vaccine is also being made from green monkey kidneys. Some smallpox vaccines were also grown in human fetal cells. The vaccine is attenuated (weakened) by sequentially growing it in various animal tissues such as chicken embryos and rabbit kidneys. Thimerosal (mercury — a common lab disinfectant), antibiotics, animal and human proteins remain in the vaccine, eventually given to humans, from these stages, in “trace” amounts not always included on the product label.

The vaccine is first tested on animals to see whether vaccinated animals are able to ward off the disease when they are subsequently exposed without first getting the disease from the vaccine. The percentages need to be somewhat better than the control group. Then when a trial run is given to humans their percentages need to be a little better than the unvaccinated segment of the population (you would think). The armed services are still vaccinated against smallpox because the virus may be used in disease warfare.

Vaccines, other than smallpox, are injected directly into the blood stream using a hypodermic syringe. This may make questionable ingredients in vaccines more dangerous than eating food, drinking beverages or even breathing air with questionable ingredients, although extremely polluted air, food, water, or toxic spills on the skin might come close. Shots to the blood stream are also done with pain killers during dental work and some medical procedures, antibiotics, insulin-dependant diabetics, and by users of illegal drugs. Vaccines are given to adults, pregnant mothers, lactating mothers, infants and children. Starting with newborn infants, children are particularly targeted for vaccines.

Drops in the Eyes of Newborns

Interventions at birth include silver nitrate or erythromycin in the eyes, the PKU test involving taking blood from the heel, circumcision, and since 1991, the hepatitis B shot. The birth of a human being is a time when even the configuration of stars overhead are said to affect him or her for life. Gentle stroking — or jabbing, cutting, scary stuff in the eyes — will also mark the individual for life, many believe.

The eye drops or eye salve infants are given at birth illustrates how babies can become built in consumers for pharmaceutical products. In the 1800s, before silver nitrate began to be applied to the eyes of newborns, about 1 child in 333 developed ophthalmia neonatorum (ON) severe enough to cause blindness [evidencebasedbirth.com/is-erythromycin-eye-ointment-always-necessary-for-newborns/]. ON is a pink eye infection resulting from passing through the birth canal of a mother infected with sexually transmitted disease. Although the mother can be screened for the two STDs that can cause ON (gonorrhea and chlamydia) during pregnancy, the assumption is made that one or both parents may become unfaithful prior to the birth and pick up the infection, so all infants are given the treatment (just in case). The modern treatment is erythromycin ointment, which can cause eye stinging/burning/redness or temporary blurred vision, which might be terrifying to a newborn. Blurred vision at the time when the infant is first learning to see may set up a lifetime habit of not looking. If the treatment is delayed until or unless pink eye from ON actually develops, blindness can still be prevented (but can the parents be trusted to get the treatment later if needed?)

Hepatitis B Vaccine

The Hepatitis B vaccine given routinely to all newborns, since 1991, is a similar “just in case” scenario. If one or more of the parents (or the mother’s current sexual partner) leads a high risk — promiscuous and/or needle-sharing intravenous drug using — lifestyle, the baby could be at risk for catching hepatitis B during birth. Incidence of Hepatitis B is 6% in Asia and Africa. 3% in Europe and less than 1% in the Americas. Pregnant mothers can be tested to see if they have it. By the time the child is old enough to engage in high-risk behaviors of his or her own, the efficacy of the vaccine may have expired. Does it make sense to subject every infant to this vaccine at birth?

Vaccine Injury

As repugnant as being injected with fluids and tissues from aborted human fetuses might be, the metallic components of vaccines, such as aluminum hydroxide, appear to be more implicated in vaccine injury. Although there is a case to be made that the broken strands of human DNA that contaminate most vaccines are also suspect in causing damage.


Vaccines are filthy and spread diseases. Tumor growing viruses lurk in the growing medium which, in the case of vaccines for viruses, is always human or animal. These viruses are difficult and expensive to test for. Cancer causing viruses wait decades before wrecking their havoc. This makes it difficult to establish vaccines as the cause. Yet viruses implicated in cancers have been found in vaccines, particularly those made from monkey cells. The same viruses have been found in the tumors of cancer patients. Not all cancer causing organisms have been identified, and may slip through the vaccine making process undetected.

Big pharma pushes its proprietary chemicals on cancer patients while the stance of organized medicine on cancer is, “We don’t know what causes cancer,” although you and I can probably surmise that the cause is probably some combination of infectious agents and environmental factors. Chemotherapy works by selectively poisoning fast growing cells, which sometimes helps because tumors are fast growing cells. However as the cause is not addressed, the treatment is haphazard at best and many more die undergoing the treatment than are helped by the treatment. But, like vaccination, chemo is profitable for big pharma.

Heart Disease

Treatments for heart disease are big money makers for the medical-pharmaceuticals cartel. The insurance industry also makes out big with heart disease. Vaccines started during the early 1800s when Edward Jenner found out that scratching the pus from a sore on a cow into the skin of a person seemed to protect that person from smallpox. (The fact that it also seemed to predispose them for tuberculosis was ignored.) Then in the latter half of the 1800s, Louis Pasteur was developing vaccines for rabies and anthrax. In spite of many human and animal recipients of Pasteur’s vaccines dying, and in spite of smallpox, rabies, anthrax, and hoof and mouth disease epidemics being triggered by the vaccines, vaccines caught on. Heart disease was not known until people started being vaccinated. Nearly everyone with heart problems was vaccinated at some time or other. Vaccines seem to weaken the heart valves and set a person up for heart trouble sooner or later. [The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur, by R. B. Pearson] Chelation therapy for heavy metal removal has been shown, by some alternative medicine therapists, to help with heart disease, but, even though it is substantially less expensive than by-pass, insurance companies won’t pay for it. (If it caught on they would have to lower their customer’s premiums.) [The Chelation Way: The Complete Book of Chelation Therapy, by Dr. Morton Walker]

Witches’ Brew to Ward off Disease

A pair of lungs from a human fetus, a monkey’s kidneys, the pancreas of a pig, three mouse brains, a rat’s brain, two chicken embryos, two duck embryos, several strains of bewitched yeast, two cubic centimeters of puss or snot for each disease, for which you want protection, from a person or animal afflicted with that disease, a tablespoon of alum, a teaspoon of formaldehyde and a ball of quick silver. Mince, mash, mix, then age in a warm place for 2-3 weeks. Poke the brew into your skin with a sharp needle.

Vaccines, Witchcraft or Science?

The mystic of receiving a potion from a witch doctor has an archetypal appeal. Like the potion above, assurances of the effectiveness and safety of vaccines seem to mostly consist of, “Because I said so!” The vaccination of everyone in the world against every infectious disease known to man, in order to, supposedly, stamp out all infectious diseases within a few years so that we can stop this madness, is based on a theory of disease that has never actually been proven as fact.

Germ Theory of Disease Never Established as Fact

A contemporary of Luis Pasteur, Antoine Bechamp, had a different idea for the cause of disease. Microbes seem to morph into whatever is needed to thrive in the environment. Good microbes thrive in healthy individuals and bad microbes thrive in unhealthy individuals. It is not the microbe that causes health or disease, it is the environment that favours either a friendly or an unfriendly culture of microbes, an environment created by the lifestyle of the individual. [Pearson, cited above]

All Disease Caused by Filth

According to Professor Arnold Eret, all disease has the same cause: filth. Exercise; fresh, clean air; sunshine; fresh, organic, plant-based foods; clean mineralized water; all contribute to hygiene and health. The lack of these contributes to disease. Over-eating, gluttony, the continuous overuse or abuse of the digestive system, produces disease. [Mucusless Diet Healing System, by Arnold Eret] People with filthy habits harbor disease parasites and microorganisms from which epidemics can spread. People with clean, hygienic habits steward and evolve a reservoir of beneficial and symbiotic organisms for the benefit of all.

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