My Mom’s Toe

Hi Toni,

Once while visiting Mom at the facility she was in, she had her pedicure while I was there. This was, I believe, almost a year prior to her passing. I noticed a bruised area that included one of her toes and her foot above the toe. She did complain a little when that foot, and especially that toe, was being handled.

I have seen feet that have been injured by being run over by a wheel chair before. Although they did try to be gentle and apologized to Mom for hurting her, neither the doctor nor the nurse offered me any explanation about the trauma that had caused the injury, nor did I ask, knowing I would be told it was confidential information. I hoped that you, as the go-to person for medical information concerning our mother, would have made a report to the family about this injury. I never saw it.

I know you are always right about everything as far as anybody knows and if any information comes up to reveal an error on your part, you will suppress, twist or deny that information. So I am not surprised at your response to my request for information about the injury to Mom’s toe. Is the reason that I want to know because I am concerned the “condition” might be hereditary? I suppose some day I may be helpless in a wheelchair being pushed around by others. My reason for wanting to know something about the trauma that injured my mom’s toe couldn’t possibly be so that I can empathize with her and pray for her more effectively. There must be some selfish motivation to it. It must be because I am afraid that I too will suffer her fate.

Your nastiness makes me appreciate my children’s love all the more! Yes, it is possible for family members to love each other, sadly something you and I never learned. I don’t believe the deficiency lies in me because my children and I learned it just fine. Also one of your children loves me and I love her. You succeeded in teaching the other one to hate. That’s okay, it is pretty clear cut to me where to go for love and where to venture only when I have put on the full armor of God.

Truly yours,


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1 thought on “My Mom’s Toe

  1. Yes. Because of narcissism, there are some places and people, even family, we cannot see, unless we’re suited up. Sad but true.

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