I miss my Facebook friend. I met him once, then after several years of reading his posts and comments, he passed away yesterday.

Well Friend, how is it on the other side?

I suddenly found myself alone in a barren landscape. I walked on and on. When is this dream going to be over? When will I wake up and be back in my body again? Then I remembered, that’s not going to happen. I am going to be in this ethereal body in this ethereal place for a long, long time. Is this all it is, this desert? This solitude?
I fell into a reverie as I walked, I know not where. Walking was effortless, nothing hurt me except the lonely ache in my heart, that is, in the center of my being, because there is nothing inside my chest beating.

I had been surrounded by loving friends, as I breathed my last. Then I fell into the arms of angels. I greeted old friends, and then they brought me to this place and left me alone.
I can communicate with you, Friend, and my other friends too, but I feel the distance between us.

I am walking and walking. I wonder if I can fly. I’ll try levitation first. Let me sit here in my meditation position. It is effortless to assume the meditation position. It was about time I shed that old decrepit body! The hips and knees didn’t want to bend, the feet went to sleep. This ethereal body does what it is told immediately. I can’t focus on the breath because there isn’t any, but I can focus on the non-breath. I’m rising, I’m doing it! I’m levitating! I see the sun. It is hot, but it is very inviting. I can will myself closer, just as close as I want to be. I see the mansions. I see the healing lake. Thank you, Friend, for suggesting that I fly! I might have wandered alone in the desert for years without figuring it out!

Be blessed and be healed!

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