We’re here, and yet we’re not all here, because
There’s different realms, some lower, some above.
The first one that I’ll mention now is hell:
It’s angry, violent, nothing there is well.
You’re outraged and you want to punch and kill,
Or someone forces you against your will.

These things may be, but if you let it go,
There’ll be a little pleasure you can know.
The second realm is called the hungry ghost.
The realm of pleasure, who can get the most?
However, no real nurturing is there,
Just feeding in a way that isn’t fair.

Should let it go, come up to number three,
A captured animal, new misery.
You fret, you’re worried all the time it seems.
You have no choices and you have no dreams.
For someone else controls your every move,
And they don’t even care you disapprove.

‘Tis better to be human, don’t you think?
See, you can reach the fourth realm in a blink.
Breathe in and out and feel the energy,
Just ground yourself in true reality.
If something’s stolen you can get it back,
But if you steal, it’ll be you that’ll be attacked.

No need to stop, rise up to number five.
Come up, this is the reason we’re alive!
The demi-gods can speak and write with knack.
With eloquence they charm or they attack.
So arm yourself with knowledge, you can win!
Might learn to paint or play the violin.

The final level is the place to rest.
Your creativity will ace the test.
The self’s illusion, unity is real;
True paradise remains for those who kneel.
With satisfying work, you will transcend;
Sweet prayer and praising God will never end.

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