Touching You

Touching you is the cure for being blue,

Don’t know how you melt my heart like you do.

While kissing you, there’s no way to be mad,

And holding you will always make me glad.

But when my touchstone is a pain it’s hard;

An angry word and I am caught off guard.

How much from you I silently condone?

Yet for a trifle, spitefully you moan!

Sometimes the message is too hard to take;

I hear the anger and I feel the ache.

But when I look at self I see the fact,

That I was out of Center when attacked.

Yes, I was striving, sighing as I went;

Had lost the Now, and not seen my descent.

I must retain the Moment while I work,

With mindfulness of Present stay alert.

Touching you still the cure for being blue,

But now I know ’tis love that makes this true.

Love is the magic that you use to melt

My heart, my mind, my soul, ’til joy is felt.

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2 thoughts on “Touching You

  1. Wow. I enjoyed the poetry. I wonder if this can be made into a song. Wow. The 80’s are all gone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What an excellent idea! I’ll work on music for it. Thank you!


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