I was pleased when Tulsi Gabbard refused to be pinned down on her position between capitalism and socialism last night in her “Town Hall” Interview with CNN. I was lying in bed this morning trying to massage a sore shoulder before picking up the phone to write the ideas popping into my head. Yesterday, Tulsi said something to the effect of, “Let’s not get hung up on labels. Let’s just serve the needs of for the people.”

Perhaps a move toward socialism in medicine is going to cut into the income of some of the people in the health insurance industry, as the sick and the poor start getting the care they need without that industry receiving the generous percentage of the money that changes hands between the care recipients and the care providers that happens now. Tulsi had a good answer. She is very polished in her responses to difficult questions. She said people will still be able to buy private insurance if they want to be covered for things that Medicare for All won’t cover. I need a massage but don’t suppose I would buy massage insurance if I had the money, I would just go get a massage. But the industry will make some innovations if they want to survive.

Medicare for the 65 and over seems not to be adequate as far as my issues are conserned. I saw a chiropractor last year after being told it would be covered. I went twice and then received the bill for it! I couldn’t afford it and fortunately he agreed to accept a partial payment, but no more help with my lower back issue. So I’m doing yoga and stretches, trying to eat right, trying to walk several miles per week. I have no hope of being able to get any kind of care other than my own care for myself. I did get a filling, that was nice, to save one tooth, and the State of California paid for that, not Medicare. But partials for the teeth I’ve already lost? Completely out of reach for me right now. So, although I wouldn’t wish my lack of healthcare on someone else, Medicare for All is a good next step for providing some sort of health care for everyone, even if inadequate, then the following step will be to make it more adequate.

I have another opinion though. Why not handle healthcare at the state level? Why does the federal government even need to be involved? Just let the states keep more of the taxes and let them handle health care. That’s another fight probably.

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