He came into my life in April of 1992, nearly 100 years after His earthly passing. I was reading a tract on the Baha’i Faith I had picked up at a street fair a day or two earlier. I read about His incarceration in a dark, wet dungeon. I looked straight ahead for a moment, thinking, Is This the Lord I have been searching for?

For decades, I had sought a visionary experience of Christ, but He always seemed to disappear in the shadows of my mind, and never revealed Himself completely, looking into my eyes in the full splendor of His Resurrected Being. In that moment my life was changed forever as I found myself gazing into the Stately Visage of Baha’u’llah.

Years have gone by. I have studied the Life and Teachings of Baha’u’llah, ‘Abdu’l-Baha, the Bab, Shoghi Effendi and the Universal House of Justice. There is no end to the insights these Sources provide. I have fellowshipped with Baha’is. The Baha’i Faith teaches the Oneness of God and the Oneness of Religion. I have studied, prayed, worshiped, meditated, and shared with other groups as well.

Still there are times when I feel lost. When I think of a horrible thing that someone did to me, and I feel under their influence once again, and I begin to feel abused, sometimes it is hard to free myself, even though Baha’u’llah has bestowed such a powerful relationship with Himself upon me. Sometimes He hides and I can’t find Him. Then I know I need to seek Him in His written Words. Or I need to meditate in mindfulness until I find Him, or I find myself.

This morning He gave me another gift. He showed Himself to me again as He has many times before. I had been thinking about how someone had injured me financially and how painful it is, when he came to me and allowed me to intuit the Weight of His Body. Does an astral body have weight? It certainly does. In the case of Baha’u’llah, the Substance of That Figure is so absolutely Profound, that there is no word in the dictionary to describe It.

I had my first visionary experience of Baha’u’llah back in April of 1992. A few days later I had my first auditory experience of Him. The first time He spoke to me I was in a car parked by a row of pomegranate trees, sitting in the driver’s seat while the small children I had back then were visiting their grandparents. Suddenly I heard words inside my mind that did not originate with my own thoughts and was startled, at first, but soon I came to love the sound of That Voice.

The first thing He said was, “I am closer to you than your own teeth!” For a year or two He would constantly interrupt my thoughts to admonish me to stop depreciating myself, which, apparently, I had a long-standing habit of doing. He asked me to learn something about Persian music, and since then I have tried to understand the scales the Persian Baha’is use for chanting prayers. I still don’t understand them. I have found oriental scales that I sometimes use for intoning Baha’i Prayers. When Baha’u”llah talks to me now it is not sudden or strange anymore. Sometimes a look at His Facial Expression in my mind’s eye is all I need to receive meaningful communication from Him.

When Baha’u”llah talks to me now it is not sudden or strange anymore. Sometimes a look at His Facial Expression in my mind’s eye is all I need to receive meaningful communication from Him.

This intuition of His Body that I am experiencing today is something new, and very precious. It is more related to sight than sound, yet it is beyond mere seeing. I may now understand what Jesus was getting at when He offered His Flesh. It can’t be taken literally, but there is a kind of a feeding and healing that I am able to experience when I perceive the Body of Baha’u’llah, the most recent Coming of Christ.

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