I wrote “Eating Healthy On A. Budget” three years ago. Some things have changed. Some things are still the same. We still eat two meals per day, both of which are vegan. The first meal is all raw: fruit, nuts and seeds. The second meal is a gently cooked whole plant starch with raw vegetables or salad.

We have lost the ability to drive our jeep to our retreat. We now carry food for a couple of miles, uphill and down, in our backpacks. We use a ceramic filter and captured rain water.

I found I had to rethink my diet choices while on retreats after hurting myself carrying too heavy a load of fresh fruit and vegetables. I started taking dehydrated fruit and vegetables, which I soak prior to eating. I put some oatmeal in the soak along with the died fruit, nuts and seeds. It’s great! It’s almost time for breakfast, and I’ll eat what I put to soak yesterday.

Since we’re in the middle of a rain storm the solar oven will not work for the millet I plan on making for later, so I’ll cook it on the wood stove. On sunny days I much prefer to go solar.

Guess I’d better sign off before I run down my phone any more. Not sure how much sun there’ll be today to recharge.

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