The 1 percent are exploiting the 99 percent. Those who are slow to understand are propagandised to believe it is the other poor who are exploiting them. They think the problem is that other oppressed people are not carrying their weight, when actually the problem is that much of the billionaire class is just looting everyone else and doing nothing for humanity. Those slow to understand are using alcohol, caffeine, nicotine etc. to keep themselves in a self-righteous haze, but they are waking up.

We could come together in caring communities, together meeting all of our needs locally, but we are oppressed with war machinery that serves only the interests of a wealthy few. We are making weapons that are being deployed on the poor in other parts of the earth. War is a technique used by a few powerful business tycoons to impoverish and destabilize a region. Then the exploiters can come in and offer jobs paying a pittance, and appear to be improving the lives of those devastated by the war. The real threat comes from those powerful ones who are caught up in an addiction to an extreme monetary gain, not the fictional enemy created to justify an invasion.

Our food, fuel, fabric, flowers, building materials and manufactured goods could be grown or produced locally. Instead, food and other goods travel long distances with all stages in the process being exploited by a powerful few.

We could live in dense walkable communities with dwellings, gardens, orchards, stores, schools, libraries, office space, industry, healthcare, meadow and forest close by. We could be living and working in worker-resident owned cooperatives. Elders could help with child care. Instead we have an apartment with no access to garden, or a tract house with scarcely room for a small garden, surrounded by strangers, everyone with a long commute to work, elders and children being kept apart. We work for employers who exploit us, and we rent or buy our dwellings from developers who exploit us. Exploiters want to make a big killing off real estate deals and they do.

We could stay healthy eating fresh, local produce, sustainably grown, without the use of toxic substances, electro and herbal medicine and nontoxic dentistry when necessary. Treatment protocols could be based on evidence of efficacy for the patient. Instead we eat nutritionally deficient and toxic food, grown far away, and are given toxic drugs and invasive surgeries, when sick, that benefit no one but the pharmaceutical-medical-insurance industry. For instance, cancer sufferers who have their sufferings augmented with chemotherapy have less than a 20% survival rate after five years (but the medical establishment makes a lot of money off the misery of cancer patients and their families). Vaccinations and dental restorations are laden with heavy metals and other toxins. Pioneers in electro medicine died under mysterious circumstances. Pioneers in Natural Hygiene and Naturopathy were worn down by frequent jailings and other harassment. Treatment protocols are primarily based on what is profitable for medical institutions, not what is effective in aleving suffering.

It will not require a majority of aware people to turn the tide, I don’t believe, just a significant minority, because the majority of people don’t think for themselves anyway.

We who are aware can all meditate and breathe into the entities that should serve us, exhaling the oppression and expectantly inhaling the blessings to come. There will be those who will respond with love. Eventually love will win.

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