I realized there is more to the story, that I wrote yesterday evening and posted as “My Addiction,” specifically the technique I use to prevent myself from having an emotional outburst when a provocation for an emotional outburst comes up.

The technique, I discovered very recently and have used several times successfully to prevent an inappropriate emotional outburst on my part, is related to the chakra system. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that you might be familiar with if you have studied yoga or meditation.

I first became aquainted with the chakras while reading a book I had checked out from the Palomar College Library, in 1968, while I was a sophomore there. At that time, yoga classes were not yet offered at Palomar, but there were a couple of yoga books in the library.

I have always been what you might might call sensitive. I have felt energies come to me and energies leave me. I journaled about it during my teens. None of it made any sense, and no one I confided in knew what I was talking about, until I read this book on yoga. After reading about the chakras, I began to notice that the energies coming to me and leaving me always effected one or more of the chakras.

Chakra one is at the tailbone and is about stance. Chakra two is in the sacrum, at the rear of the pelvis, and is about affection. Chakra three is in the lower spine and is about nourishment. There are more chakras, but these three are the ones I need to define in order to describe the technique I have recently been using to prevent inappropriate emotional outbursts on my part.

I have a long-standing issue of losing energy through the first and second chakras. Energy loss is painful, but it is not exactly a physical pain, so it’s hard to describe. But it is something that for, all these years, all these decades, over half a century actually, I have been trying to find a solution!

Normally, unless I’m meditating or praying, I have a chakra two consciousness. Some people boot to chakra one, which is a little more objective, even if selfish. But I boot to chakra two, which is just emotional neediness. If I don’t pray, to bring myself up to a higher level before I open my mouth, look out! But I have a pretty well engrained habit of prayer now. So I’m usually okay unless something triggers me, like suddenly experiencing something someone said as being insulting to me.

Now, finally, I have learned to consciously bring my energy up from chakra two to chakra three when I feel triggered. What this does is bring my consciousness from the realm of duality to the realm of oneness. Instead of me and him or me and her, it’s:

There’s nobody here but God!

I experience being nourished by God’s word, by God himself (or God herself because God is beyond gender). I am God and God is me.

Now that feeling is to live for, or even to die for, if that is what is required. Instead of a difficult to define pain, it is absolute bliss. And for me, consciously bringing energy a few inches up from my sacrum to my lower back, is the answer. I want to share this because it seems to work for me.

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