When we overlook what we can do for our fellow travelers we are missing the whole point. Our faith is empty if we put concern for our own soul above the needs of another. (From a recovery day book)

Someone posted that on a group I’m in and i realized i was wrong to be annoyed when the person who laid his right arm on my left arm this morning until my shoulder ached turned off an interesting commentary in order to bore me with his fears. I could have told him—that he was internalizing a sci-fi fantasy that has no bearing on reality and could he please turn the program that his phone was playing back on because i wanted to hear it—without the annoyance in my voice. But that would have required remembering my meditation. How easy it is to forget!

I realized yesterday afternoon that i habitatualy bring the kundalini up from the first to the second chakra, a response i developed a long time ago to certain stimuli. Now, many years later, i am learning to bring it from the second to the third chakra.

I think someone must have intimidated me or reminded me of being intimidated, and my totally unconscious response was to bring the kundalini to my second chakra. That part is habitual. Then later when someone annoyed me i had to remember that i needed to bring the kundalini to the third chakra. I’ll get it habitual but it will take some practice.

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