I heard the gentle voice of my spirit guide say, “You won, Jera.” Hmmm what does that mean? We had just appealed a citation for $500. Will we get the money back? “You won, Jera.” She said it several times.

For three months we have not parked on our little lot. A week before my 71st birthday, we hung around for awhile, eating. A code enforcer stopped by and said the county could take our property away. He mentioned that several times. A week later, on my birthday, we received the $200 citation. For eating a meal on our own property? They called it illegal storage. Nothing was stored there. We got in our vehicles and drove away.

A week later we received a citation for $500. Early on a Sunday morning, the day before my birthday, i had gotten into the SUV and started the motor, my husband was opening the gate. Headlights were shining on him from a car parked on the dirt road across the street. I turned the motor off in order to turn my headlights off completely. Why doesn’t that car make its turn and make its way down the road?

Two months later i saw the photo. It came in a little booklet the county had put together about their case against us.

We paid the $700, asking to appeal both, but we had missed the 14-day deadline for the $200 one. Recently we received a letter cancelling the citation for $500 and granting the refund. What a surprise it was when we received a check for $800, everything we had paid in fines during the entire year!

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