No school, no church, no library, masks that reduce oxygen and increase carbon dioxide, social distancing and isolation have been going on now for six months! Who is benefiting from this? Who is sniggering at out discomfort while they rake in the dough—(or, perhaps, anticipate a profitable enterprise when a “cure” is brought to market, and forced on a captive public, liability-free)?

On the sequestration issue, my viewpoint is considered conservative. Normally, my viewpoint, on other issues–like health care and immigration–would be considered liberal. I don’t like top-down hierarchy. I like freedom, except for those who infringe on the freedom of others. Those particular individuals should be restrained.

There is a lot of missinformation flying around, some of it outright propaganda! (And censorship?) Deaths that would have happened in any case are blamed on a specific organism, and news outlets (that have corporate sponsors) greatly exaggerate the death toll associated with a particular organic signature. We always have deaths associated with colds, flu and pneumonia, what is different now?

Other than the mandates that have come down, I can’t see much difference between 2020 and other years. The overall death toll seems to be pretty normal. Any death is tragic, and yet, this is a mortal world. Death happens.

I want to go to the library where I can get my laptop online to write and upload this blog post, but I am learning the capabilities of my smart phone, to get the job done without wifi. Online meeting is amazing! I never would have tried it before. And while I would like to actually sit down and eat inside a restaurant, that won’t be a reality, so I might as well put something out in the solar oven.

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